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West Coast Road Trip Itineraries

The West Coast is supposed to identify only the area bordering the Pacific, but nowadays, this term refers to a much larger area, the Southwest, that includes California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. It is the ideal destination for a National Park road trip, to discover the most famous parks, coastal cities, sunny beaches and the legend of the gold rush. Here you’ll find many routes designed to explore the entire Pacific Coast and parts that are further inland. You can use these routes to create your own itinerary.


Utah Road Trip Itineraries

Utah, the “Beehive State”, is the land of the Mighty Five, the spectacular five national parks in the land settled by Mormons. Just like in Arizona, here in Utah you…


Arizona Road Trip Itineraries

The “Grand Canyon State” is one of the most popular regions for those seeking the natural red rock parks typical of the American Southwest. Here you will find some of…


California Road Trip Itineraries

California is the state that everyone dreams of visiting. By taking incredible road trips across the state, which is the best way to explore it, you can discover amazing natural parks…


Nevada Road Trip Itineraries

Nevada is the state of Las Vegas, known as Sin City, surrounded by an immense desert. What to see in Nevada on a road trip?


New Mexico Road Trip Itineraries

“Land of Enchantment” is the nickname of this state full of cultural and natural places of interest that range from ancient Native American pueblos to UFO-themed attractions, from charming Colonial…