Best USA Road Trips

How to plan a road trip across the United States? What stops should you make? What are the distances between one predefined destination and another? Which destinations and routes should you prefer if you only have a few days and don’t want to miss out on some incredible places that you can only find in America? What are the the must see places? Are you looking for US road trip itineraries? You are in the right place. Choose the area you are interested in and start discovering this incredible country!

Itineraries divided by region

west coast

West Coast

West Coast Road Trip Itineraries The West Coast is supposed to identify only the area bordering the Pacific, but nowadays, this term refers to a much larger area, the Southwest,…


Route 66

No road is as famous or as fascinating as Route 66. Why is this legendary road so famous? Where is it? How do you plan a trip on the Mother…


Rocky Mountains Area

The Rocky Mountains Region (a mountain range that extends for 8 states between the USA and Canada) usually includes the states of Colorado (where the highest peak is located) Wyoming,…

pacific north west

Pacific North West

The North West coast of the United States (Pacific North West) includes the states of Oregon and Washington and is best known for a scenic coastline characterized by spectacular views…


Alaska Travel Guide

Immense, wild, and remote. Out of all the states, Alaska is the one that poses the greatest challenge logistically when planning a trip, but at the same time, it is…

The itineraries of the other regions (East Coast, Deep South, Mid West, Coast to Coast, etc…) are still under construction. 

The itineraries in this section are designed with the intention to provide tips for those who are planning their own road trip. At first, you may be discouraged by the vast distances, but over the time you will find that studying the individual stops and creating a customized USA road trip is already part of the adventure. With these US road trip routes, we would like to simply provide you with examples of itineraries that have already been tried, so that you can create your own unique road trip. We hope you have a great trip!