Warning: Due to a flood, there are currently access issues to the park. To stay updated on the situation's developments, we recommend monitoring the NPS updates.

Death Valley National Park: Travel Guide and Road Trip Tips

Death Valley National Park is one of the most unforgettable places you will visit on a road trip. As you traverse the incredible landscapes of the park, you will have the impression of having landed on another planet. Here is everything you need on how to plan a visit, such as best points of interest and attractions, where to stay, best time to go, how long does it take to visit, and safety recommendations for driving through the park.

How to visit the park?

Death Valley Tours

Death Valley Attractions and Sights

zabriskie point death valley california

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley: An Unusual California Landscape

Zabriskie Point is one of the most emblematic places in the Southwest, yet not everyone who travels to the West Coast knows where it is or how to get there. Well, since Zabriskie Point is one of the panoramas that has stayed in my mind since I visited California, I decided to write an in-depth article dedicated to one of…


Racetrack Playa: the Moving Rocks of Death Valley

Is it possible that a large expanse of dry brownish mud attracts thousands of visitors every year? The answer is yes, especially if there is a phenomenon that has been happening there for years that science has been unable to explain. We’re talking about Racetrack Playa, a dried-up lake in the Death Valley where dozens of rocks seem to move…

death valley badwater basin

Badwater Basin: Moon Landscapes in the Heart of Death Valley

In the heart of the Death Valley, there is a one of a kind place called Badwater Basin, a basin of a large drained prehistoric lake located in the lowest point of North America (282 ft below sea level). You will see an endless horizon, a vast flat terrain at the foot of the mountains that resembles a lunar landscape,…

Death Valley: Map with Points of Interest