Zion National Park: Travel Guide to Enjoy a Utah Masterpiece

Zion’s soaring cliffs form one of the most majestic and evocative canyons in America. In this park, located in Utah, the imposing monoliths are bright red and white and are surrounded by green forests and valleys rich in fauna. Zion deserves special attention not only for its beauty but also because, compared to many other parks, the visit requires careful planning. It is in the mountains and offers vast and exceptional views, but to reach many of them you will have to get there by hiking. What if you want to go on a scenic drive of Zion or want to visit it only in passing? It is still possible, but you have to know exactly where to go, otherwise you risk wasting time. Here is a detailed guide to visit Zion National Park.

Where to stay in Zion National Park

Tips for Where to Stay near Zion National Park

Out of all the national parks, Zion National Park is one that requires careful planning of both the visit (and we have already talked about this in the article on how to visit Zion) and the overnight stay. Why? Maybe you didn’t know this, but the park is divided into two sections that are not connected internally (Zion Canyon and Kolob…

angels landing zion hike

Angels Landing in Zion: our tips to get to the top

Along with The Narrows and Zion Observation Point, the trail leading to the top of Angels Landing is considered one of the best in Zion National Park. The view from the ridge of this monolith is one of the most photographed in the park. Compared to the other two hikes mentioned, however, it is famous not for being the most…