San Diego Travel Guide: Tips for Planning a Vacation

san diego travel guide

Located on the  coast of California, San Diego was built in an ideal natural area, where the best beaches and a perfect climate can be found. In addition to the ocean, there is so much more, including a city with fascinating people and great entertainment. San Diego was the first place on of the American West Coast to be reached by Europeans when the Spanish landed in the bay of the same name back in 1542. In fact, the Spanish and Mexican cultures are reflected in many historic sites scattered throughout the city’s various neighborhoods.

Visiting San Diego means you will explore the upscale Gaslamp Quarter, the different aspects of Old Town, the amazing Balboa Park (with museums, gardens, the zoo) and the coastal area of Mission Beach near the SeaWorld. While in San Diego you must also go to the Coronado Peninsula (connected by the bridge of the same name) and the renowned coastal resort of La Jolla, a renowned coastal resort 11 miles north of the city. In this San Diego travel guide, you will find tips and advice on how to organize a tour in the city regarding things to see, hotels, attractions and much more.

Things to See and Where to Stay

best things to do in san diego

The Best Parks and Attractions in San Diego

Are you wondering what are the attractions in San Diego? The city has so many to choose from. There are theme parks with activities for all ages, beautiful beaches, and …
where to stay in San Diego

Finding Accommodations in San Diego: The Best Neighborhoods and Areas

San Diego is a beautiful city in Southern California, with a great geographical location, good climate, and nearly 68 miles of beaches. It is therefore a center that offers tourists …

Other San Diego Travel Tips

San Diego how many days

Plan Your Visit to San Diego: A Flexible Itinerary from 1 to 3 Days

San Diego is one of the major cities in California and is full of attractions, museums, and theme parks. Many people include it in a tour of the Golden State …
getting around San Diego

Getting Around San Diego Without a Car: A Guide to the City’s Public Transportation System

If you’re planning a California itinerary, and San Diego is one of your stops, as well as wondering what’s interesting to see in this city, it may be helpful to …
best time to visit San Diego

A Guide to San Diego’s Climate: When Is the Best Time to Go?

When is a good time to go to San Diego? Always! This city on the border with Mexico is, in terms of climate, one of the most livable cities of …
where to eat in San Diego

Where to Eat in San Diego: A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Town

Are you visiting the city of San Diego? Have you been so busy visiting the multiple attractions that you have not thought about where to eat yet? Then this guide …

A Guide to San Diego Attraction Passes

San Diego is among the most beautiful and attractive cities in California and is right on the border with Mexico. Charming and famous for its nightlife and beaches, it is also …

San Diego Best Beaches

San Diego Beaches: A Guide to Southern California’s Coastline

San Diego’s pleasant climate and lack of rainfall are a great place for outdoor activities, and here in California, heading south along the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll be passing the beaches of San Diego and San Diego County. There are about thirty or so beaches, but because time is limited, you’ll have to narrow it down and decide which ones …

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San Diego Parks

SeaWorld San Diego rides

SeaWorld San Diego: The Incredible Water Park in California

California has so much to offer. It is an oasis where you can get lost and spend time with your feet soaked in the Pacific, a haven for surfers and …
things to do in balboa park san diego

A Guide to Balboa Park: Visit the Zoo, Fairytale Gardens, and Museums in the Green Heart of San Diego

Going to San Diego without entering Balboa Park would be like visiting New York City without taking a look at Central Park. The gigantic city park is part of the …
San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

A Guide to San Diego Zoo and the Zoo Safari Park

San Diego County is home to two parks dedicated to animals – in addition to the famous SeaWorld focused on marine life – and each of them is worth a …
Legoland California resort attractions

A Guide to Legoland California

Who hasn’t played with Legos? Lego has been part of the childhood of entire generations of children (and adults!). From Denmark, the birthplace of Lego, the famous bricks have spread …

San Diego Neighborhoods

things to do in La Jolla san diego

What to Do in La Jolla, San Diego: Visit Beaches, Caves and La Jolla Cove

La Jolla is a renowned tourist destination on the coast near San Diego. It has about 40,000 inhabitants and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla, famous for seals and sea …
what to do in Gaslamp san diego

Visit the Gaslamp Quarter, The Historic Neighborhood of San Diego

An area of about fifteen blocks in downtown San Diego makes up the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s most characteristic neighborhood and (as recent as it may be) and can be …
things to do in Old Town San Diego

Old Town and Presidio Park in San Diego: The Settlement Where California Was Born

San Diego is the oldest city in California, or rather, Old Town is. If we were to exclude the Native American villages, this would be the first settlement on the …
Embarcadero San Diego

The Marina District and Embarcadero: The Neighborhood on the San Diego Bay

San Diego is one of the main cities of the Pacific coast and, like all coastal cities, it has developed around the port. Therefore it goes without saying that its …
what to do in Little Italy San diego

What to Do in Little Italy San Diego, The Italian Heart of California

When you hear “Little Italy”, you usually think of Little Italy in New York City, where many Italian immigrants settled here in the 20th century. This neighborhood was was made famous …
What to do on Coronado Island

Coronado in San Diego: Beaches, Viewpoints, and a Fabulous Historic Hotel!

Coronado Island, despite its name, is not an island. It is actually a thin strip of land that connects it to the mainland and it is precisely this peninsula that …

San Diego Events

San Diego’s Best Annual Events: Everything from the Comic-Con to Beach Parties

Are you visiting San Diego for several days and want to discover the main events that will take place during your stay? Do you want to plan your itinerary of California based on festivals, shows, and folklore and sporting events in this city? All you have to do is continue reading and see if you find something you are interested …

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