Cities of West Coast and Southwest Area


A guide to large and small cities in the Southwest / West Coast Area, in particular cities, towns, fishing villages, capitals, and small towns. The most interesting things to visit, the places to stay, information on how to get around, and historical background information on the traditions and the customs of each place.


Major Cities

San Francisco Travel Guide

San Francisco Travel Guide: Tips for Planning a Vacation

Our tips for visiting San Francisco
Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide: Tips for Planning a Vacation

Our tips for visiting the City of Angels
Spiagge San Diego

San Diego Travel Guide

Our tips for visiting San Diego
las vegas viaggio

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Known as Sin City, Las Vegas is a destination so one of a kind that it will surprise any of its visitors. Here, excess is the norm and sobriety is …

Minor cities and small towns

What to do in Palm Springs

Visit Palm Springs, a Charming Oasis in the California Desert

As you travel along the vast desert highways of California, you might be surprised to suddenly catch a glimpse of a true oasis, abundant with palm trees, swimming pools, and …

What to do in Carmel-by-the-Sea, a Jewel on the California Coast

Nestled on the gentle cliffs of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel-by-the-Sea (or more simply Carmel) is a unique gem when compared to other American cities. It is famous for its clean …
Flagstaff downtown

What is there to do in Flagstaff: a charming city in Arizona

Flagstaff is usually included in most typical West Coast road trip routes due to its proximity to attractions such as the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley (although the latter is practically …
things to do in monterey

A Guide to Monterey and the Monterey Peninsula

Monterey, as a consequence of its fortunate location, is one of the most popular destinations on any trip to California. Whether you’re driving along the coast on the magnificent Highway …
things to do in phoenix

Visit Phoenix: Arizona’s Capital’s Must See Attractions

If you thought that the large and sprawling Los Angeles was the largest urban area in all of the Southwest, well, guess again! Clearly, we’re talking about a relatively large …
Salt Lake City things to do

Things to See in Salt Lake City and near the Great Salt Lake

If you’re coming from Las Vegas, Arizona, or southern Utah and you’re on a West Coast trip to Yellowstone Park, before heading into Wyoming, you’ll most likely make a stop …
things to do in page az

What to See in Page: Discover Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell

Page, a small town in Arizona inhabited by a few thousand people, is actually a key point of any West Coast travel. It has the great fortune to be located …
Best things to do in Moab

Moab, Utah: The Gateway to the Most Beautiful Parks in the State

Unfortunately, many West Coast travel itineraries skip it, but Moab (Utah) is in a key location that allows you to visit at least half of the phenomenal Mighty Five, and …
thinsg to do in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona: Attractions in Old Town, the Art District and in the Surroundings

Welcome to Central Arizona. The city of Scottsdale, located in a breathtaking desert – where the outdoors can be enjoyed in many forms, on two or four wheels or simply …
things to do in Tucson Arizona

Tucson, Arizona: Best Places to Visit in and Around the City

Here we are in Arizona, a land full of attractions and a state that we always look forward to visiting again to discover new secret places. We are in South …
Albuquerque things to do

Things to Do in Albuquerque: Discover Old Town and the Balloon Festival

In this article, we will tell you about Albuquerque, affectionately renamed ABQ, the capital of Bernalillo County and the largest city in New Mexico. Let’s go and discover all the …
what to do in santa fe new mexico

The Best Things to Do in Santa Fe: Old Town, Churches and Other Attractions

There is one adjective that most of the comments about our destination have in common: enchanting. And there is no more appropriate term to describe Santa Fe, a gem in …
utah cosa vedere

What to Do in Kanab: The Little Hollywood of Utah

Kanab is a small town in Utah famous for being one of the best places to visit Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. If you’re planning …
things to do in Mendocino California

Visit Mendocino: Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove in… California!

Mendocino is a slice of New England in California. Its cliffs overlooking the sea, its family-sized cottages and the quiet breathtaking atmosphere has become more and more popular among tourists, …
visit Solvang California

Visit Solvang, a Slice of Denmark in California

If you find yourself in Santa Barbara County during your California road trip and decide to take a detour inland, perhaps because you may be curious to drive part of the …
San Luis Obispo attractions

Visit San Luis Obispo, A Pleasant City on the Pacific Coast Highway

San Luis Obispo, SLO for short, is a pleasant city in California that makes its incredible location along the main tourist routes its centerpiece. If you find yourself staying overnight …
things to do in St. George Utah

St. George, Utah: Discovering Canyons and Parks Near the City

St. George, Utah is a great strategic point for all those who begin their trip in Las Vegas to visit the parks in Utah and Arizona, but also for those who …
Best Things to do in Sacramento

Sacramento: Best Things to Do in California’s Capital

If we consider the size of the United States, driving for 2 or 3 hours by car does not seem so long. For this reason, after visiting and shopping in …
Things to do in Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz: Beaches and Picturesque Views along the California Coast

We are exploring Santa Cruz, located in North Central California. This city may not be a popular destination for international tourism, but it is no less interesting. Along the spectacular …
oakland things to see

Best Things to do in Oakland and How to Get to San Francisco

Northeast of San Francisco, beyond the Bay Bridge, lies Oakland, a city that, with its 400,000 inhabitants, is among the largest and most important cities in the bay. Thanks to …
things to do in Fresno

Fresno: a Strategic Point for Visiting Yosemite and Sequoia

Fresno is located in the San Joaquin Valley, in the heart of California. It is the fifth largest city in the state and is in a very advantageous position to …
kingman arizona route 66

Kingman: A Strategic Stop along Route 66 in Arizona

The welcome sign for Kingman, which declares it as the heart of Route 66, is not completely accurate, neither geographically (the central point is at Adrian in Texas) nor in …
things to do in San Jose California

Best Places to Visit in San Jose, the Gateway to Silicon Valley

Just over an hour from San Francisco, San José is the third largest city in California and the tenth largest in the United States. It is located in the Santa …
seligman ariziona route 66

Seligman: The Historic Town on Route 66 that Inspired Disney-Pixar’s Cars

Anyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience as they travel on Route 66 knows that the trip is anything but a cakewalk if you consider the length of the …
things to do in bakersfield

Bakersfield: An Ideal Stop on the Way from Los Angeles to Sequoia or Death Valley

Bakersfield may not be one of the most famous cities in California, let alone the most interesting. If you look at the section of our website on California, you will …
Things to do in pacific grove

Best Things to Do in Pacific Grove, the “Butterfly Town” in California

Pacific Grove is a charming town located on the California coast, just a short drive from Monterey. It is especially known for its picturesque coastline, where you can enjoy some …