Miami Climate and Temperature

Miami Climate and Temperature: the best time to visit the city

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Many are the questions we get about Miami, but one of the ones that rages most concerns the weather aspects: when to go to? What is the weather like in Miami in a given season? Will I find a lot of rain? And what temperatures should I expect?

After having dedicated a generic article to the climate of Florida, we have decided to publish an in-depth analysis of the most important city in the State, trying to provide a series of answers as exhaustive as possible to the many questions on the subject. So let’s discover in detail the climate and what is the best time to visit Miami.

Miami Climate and Seasons

best time to visit miami

Among the many American cities, Miami stands out for its tropical climate, which means that you will find pleasantly warm winters and rather sultry summers. The weather is sunny practically all year round, although to a lesser extent (naturally) during the winter period. One of the most interesting things is that any season is good for a nice swim in the sea.

The best time to visit Miami is spring, from March to May, with temperatures similar to summer ones but without the sultry heat typical of the subsequent months. The summer is very long (from June to August but sometimes it is prolonged), characterized by humidity, and often affected by rains and sudden showers, which however act as a break in a predominantly sunny climate. Winter is instead a pleasant surprise, with a pleasantly warm climate and the possibility of precipitation rather rare.

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Miami Temperatures

Here’s a table with temperatures in Miami month by month:

Month Minimum (°) Maximum (°)
January 60,8 71,6
February 62,6 73,4
March 66,2 75,2
April 68 77
May 71,6 82,4
June 80,6 87,8
July 80,6 87,8
August 78,8 87,8
September 77 86
October 73,4 82,4
November 64,4 78,8
December 62,6 77


Precipitation in Miami

The total annual amount of rainfall is about 51 inches. The period with the most rainfall is summer, although it should be noted that it tends to be sudden showers or storms, soon leaving room for the return of a sunny climate. The season with least rainfall is winter. Here is a graph with the rainfall in Miami month by month:

Month Rainfall (inches) Rainy days
January 2 5
February 2.3 5
March 2.7 5
April 3.1 6
May 4.7 8
June 8.2 11
July 4.3 14
August 6.3 13
September 6.7 15
October 4.7 12
November 2.7 7
December 2 6


The unknown: hurricanes in Miami

Here we are faced with the real unknown when preparing for a vacation: hurricanes in Miami. There is a real possibility in the summer period. This does not mean that you will necessarily encounter them, however, you should know that the possibility exists and that there are various types (at least 5 categories, from the least to the most dangerous).

If you are going to Miami in the summer and have some flexibility in planning, bear in mind that usually the period when hurricanes are most frequent is from mid-August to late September. Also, keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center website so you can check the path of tropical cyclones.

Miami: when to visit

best time to go to miami

For those planning to visit Miami, the choice of the season can be very important. Let’s now take a detailed look at what to expect at individual times of the year, such as weather, spending, and events.

From June to August

Summer temperatures in Miami usually settle around 30 degrees, with a lot of humidity, in addition, the dreaded hurricane season begins, and it is also the rainiest period. On the plus side, hotel rates and tourist services, in general, go down, allowing for significant savings.

From September to November

In the autumn period, temperatures drop and so does the rainfall, however, the risk of hurricanes still exists, although they are much less frequent from late September onwards. During this period you can take advantage to enjoy some important events held in the city, such as the Festival Miami (in October), an important musical event, and the Miami Book Fair (in November).

December to February

It is one of the most appreciated periods to enjoy the city. Very little precipitation, a pleasant and sunny climate where typical cold winter currents do not exist; winter is a really good time to visit Miami.

Obviously, prices go up and you’ll have to book in advance if you want to save money (also check out our tips on where to stay in Miami). There are some must-see events during this season as well, such as King Mango Strut (December), the Coconut Grove Satirical Parade, the Orange Bowl (December), the Super Bowl of college teams, and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival (February).

March through May

Sunny but not muggy weather makes this the best time for a vacation. Spring break will lead to crowded Miami Beaches, but the city is also enjoyable. Not only does the number of visitors increase, but so are events and festivals: the Carnaval in Calle Ocho and ULTRA Music Festival in March, SunFest and Miami Fashion Week in May, the Great Taste of the Grove in April, and the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition in March/April.

Next steps for a Miami vacation…

Once you’ve decided when to go on vacation to Miami it will be time for more fateful decisions, so here are some other articles that can come to your rescue…

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