Los Angeles Attractions

Los Angeles is rich in attractions but also a large and sprawling city. Choosing what to do is not so easy, so we have created this section to help you choose the things to see in the city. Let’s discover Los Angeles’s attractions and places to visit.


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sunset strip los angeles

Visit the Iconic Sunset Strip on Sunset Boulevard

Worldly life, historic restaurants, elegant boutiques, nightclubs that have become legendary, and a very high probability of seeing Hollywood stars. These are the main features that distinguish the Sunset Strip from other streets in the world. It is a street with so many stories and anecdotes to tell that it has become an undisputed symbol of the city: in short,…

sunset boulevard los angeles

An Itinerary along the Famous Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is one of the most important streets in Los Angeles, a 22-mile artery that runs through the heart of the Greater Los Angeles Area and crosses iconic attractions and famous neighborhoods. A trip on Sunset Boulevard can take a few hours or days, since it passes almost every major tourist attraction in the city and each one requires…

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Los Angeles tours

A Selection of The Best Tours of Los Angeles

It’s no mystery that Los Angeles is a huge city and it is not exactly easy to get around. Despite having good infrastructure, the distances are so great that driving proves to be a major feat for tourists who want to see all the attractions that this great city on the West Coast has to offer in a single visit,…